Julia Sharkina

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The performance tells how many false choices that eat up all the time and effort.

Action mechanics:

There are 2 rails for clothes on the site, on one there are clothes of friends who left the country, each item is carefully signed.

"Sasha left", "Masha left" ...

On the second rail, I also carefully hang the belongings of the guests who came to the performance and sign them “Pasha stayed”, “Dasha stayed” ..

For an hour I live in a state of choice, trying on "foreign skins"

Viewer Interaction:

The viewer is a mirror for me and I try to start meeting the expectations of others. I apply make-up looking into the faces of the audience like in a mirror, lipstick, foundation, mascara, blush.

After that, I take off my makeup and change clothes again until I understand which choice is more suitable for me.

Photo documentation

Natalia Vturina

Показ перформанса в Name gallery в рамках фестиваля перформанса в Петербурге

Фотодокументация от Марии Соколовой

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