Julia Sharkina

In my artistic practice I explore the nature of human feelings and emotions, working through the ritualisation of everyday life. In performative practices I explore my experiences through interaction with the space, the viewer and the objects in it, as well as considering my body as an art object.
Why do I use the form of nude performance? I am tired of costumes, of looking at each other through images, through clothes, labeling. Fashion is fleeting, it creates the illusion that we are alike, that our experience is equal to those who are close to us outwardly, but it's self-deception.
We experience life through the perfect creation - our body, which lives, breathes, feels and allows us to enjoy all the amazing experiences that the world around us gives us.

My body is my tool, my marker, my way of bringing beauty to the world.

In my performances I talk about very personal topics, leaving my body naked, I open up completely to the viewer, thus encouraging them to open up emotionally, and at that moment we start talking on the same level. I want the viewer to see my scars, my irregularities, my peculiarities, my experiences and maybe to perceive mine differently. I want people to stop clinging to their flaws and see the essence and beauty of the moment, to feel life. I build a close relationship with myself and with my audience - look I am not perfect, but I am and I see you as you are and I love and accept you as you are. There is perfection in manifestation, all perfect manifestation is perfect.

My dream is that we learn to see each other more deeply, to feel our huge difference, to feel that we are vulnerable and become more careful to each other, more attentive, not to judge with templates and forms that we have to cover ourselves with in order not to freeze in this cold world, but to open up and see its beauty in everything.

Yulia Sharkina is an artist from Yekaterinburg. Born 21.07.1987.
Studied at the Ural State University of Architecture and Art, Department of Image Design.
She has created performances in various spaces, including Marina Gisich Gallery and Namegallery, "SDVIG" studio of performing arts in St. Petersburg, WINZAVOD in Moscow, Makletsky House and Yeltsin Center in Yekaterinburg.
The artist explores the nature of human feelings, the living texture of emotions, embodying them in performative practices.
Yulia is the curator of the project to support women's performance GIRLS, organizer and participant of many festivals, coordinated the development in the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall within the framework of the large-scale art project "Moscow is not far off".
Her works have been shown at the Sergey Kuryokhin Center for Contemporary Art and at the Music Festival in Berlin. Her performance "Emanation" was the headliner of the electronic music festival "Ahola".
She lives and creates in St. Petersburg, Russia.

2023 - "Femme Fatale", solo exhibition in OpenUou.Gallery, St. Petersburg.
2022 - "To Be A Plant", curated by Veronika Rudieva-Ryazantseva and Nadezhda Voinova, Nikolay Evdokimov Gallery, St. Petersburg.
2022 - Participant of the exhibition "At the Fingertips" In Art Gallery, Moscow Winzavod
2021 - Curator of the exhibition "Myths - Illusions - Art Objects" by Alexander Gordin, St. Petersburg, Yelagin Palace, St. Petersburg.
2020 - Curator of the exhibition "Immersion", artist sculptor Antonina Fathullina, exhibition space of Stepan Razin factory, St. Petersburg.
2020 - Coordinator of the exhibition NOT MOSCOW IS NOT FOR THE HORNS, Central Exhibition Hall Manege, St. Petersburg.
2020 - Solo exhibition "Hello Boy", Etica Gallery, St. Petersburg.
2019 - Curator of the exhibition "Happiness to be myself", artist Vladimir Ilyich Spartak, Makletsky House, Yekaterinburg.
2019 - Curator of the project "Ural. City. Place."
2019 - Organized the annual art residency "Zaozerie".
2018 - Curator of the exhibition "My Holland", photographer Oksana Prikhodko, My G Ural gallery, Yekaterinburg.
2009 - Curator of the exhibition "Weightlessness" within the framework of the First Ural Industrial Biennale of Contemporary Art, Kamvolny Kombinat, Yekaterinburg

2023 - "Woman in the Sands" multimedia performance.
2023 - "Proximity"
2022 - "Embroiderers"
2022 - "I really need to talk to you."
2022 - "Skin"
2022 - "Save us"
2022 - "Girls Crying"
2021 - "Why?" performance within the framework of Fear of Punishment Lab, Art community, St. Petersburg.
2021 - "Borders I Intersections", Marina Gisich gallery, St. Petersburg.
2021 - "Phase space", Veresk, Zelenogorsk
2021 - "Emanation", Ahola Festival, Vyborg
2021 - "Memory Folds", Studio of Performative Arts SDVIG St. Petersburg, Noor Electro, Moscow
2021 - "Counterpoint of Gender Constructions", Art Fan Fest, St. Petersburg
2020 - "Immersion", Stepan Razin Plant, St. Petersburg.
2019 - "Movement in the registry", House of Makletsky, Yekaterinburg.
2018 - "Westwood: punk, icon, activist", Coliseum, Yekaterinburg.
2018 - "Dress", Coliseum, Yekaterinburg.
2016 - "Who am I?", Yeltsin Center, Yekaterinburg.

Julia Sharkina
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