Julia Sharkina
The performance took place on October 28-29 in an apartment on Vasilyevsky Island in St. Petersburg, Russia.

This work is about finding home, warmth and intimacy. A place where guests are given the opportunity to feel everything except for fear and loss that the world has been living with lately.
The result was a very warm erotic, and immersive process, very picturesque.
My aim was to create an intimate space in which guests would feel safe.

Directed by Yulia Sharkina
Alexandrovich Volodya Evdokimov
Daria Nogovitsyna
Anastasia Brankova
Anastasia Pitolina
Anastasia Meister
Ksenia Zakharova
Many thanks to Elizaveta Kirnoz and Laura Rakhmanova for their help in organizing
Photos by Anna
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