Julia Sharkina
A holiday to be yourself

Performance "A holiday to be yourself" devoted to the closing of the same name exhibition in Sinara Art Gallery.
The participants of the same name performance transferred the impressions of the works into body sensations, movements, postures, gestures, voice and sound. The celebration of oneself was both a collective action and an individual experience how the participants and guests of the gallery could become part of the performance or remain in the role of an observer.
Natalya Levchenko, performance director: “I love working with / from / for space. Transforming and changing it with the help of conscious bodies is my passion. Working in a gallery is exciting because of the flow of information pouring out of the paintings. Interacting with the works, conducting a dialogue with them, influencing the landscape with your presence, where everything about "being yourself" is a sheer pleasure. I want a holiday and this evening we will arrange it! "

Production: Julia Sharkina
The project took place with the participation of teams: MONUMENT, OST, OYKUMENA.
Photo: Alexander Mamaev, Julia Sharkina

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