Julia Sharkina
Drops are falling, the water flows lengthen and multiply, covering the body from head to toe.
Water is where everything started. It takes us back to our initial state, it shows new paths from this only point. It whispers of peace and safety, the bath surrounds and protects as only a cradle can do.

the water lays our past open. names show through the skin, more and more in every drop, they cover each centimetre from the forehead to toes. is there any space left?

expose, live, erase, repeat. Petya, Sasha, Larisa, Iva, German. the body responds to every name, responds with feeling, vibration, impulse. remember and let everyone go. repeat again.

the water touches gently. it whirls away every letter, every ink drop with its load. plaster crumbles and dissolves, till only the stones, the bare bones stay. this body had held so much love, now it can hold again and again. another circle will close, water will wash out everything, the body will remember.

drops fall. silver threads lengthen and multiply, protecting the body with glitch and tinkle. don't be mistaken — the vulnerability is just seeming. you are looking at strength to love and love again. the body is is covered with love, it talks to you with fluent, voiced and sonorous, sparkling and brave strength.

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