Julia Sharkina
We invite you to dig into to the depth of dark water where metal sculptures become weightless and dissolve in space, changing our perception of reality.

Sculptures by Antonina Fatkhullina
the program of the exhibition presented a performance "immersion"
performance "Immersion"
Immersion is an action or feeling one of the most desirable and most frightening for a person. When I look into my dark water, it beckons me with its bottomlessness and the discovery of a new sensory experience that I cannot predict, because this darkness always remains unexplored no matter how many times I enter it. The meeting with my fears, with my darkness, was opened by the power of deep excitement from life. Plunging into cold water, I immerse myself in the present in my real self in my real feelings, all the alluvial dissolves in this dark water.
Julia Sharkina
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