Julia Sharkina
Hello boy
A project is about love between masculine and feminine energies.
Every person has a masculine and feminine principle - their inner harmony, which created us, the orgasm that our parents experienced at the moment of conception.
How do you feel now? What social pressure do you face now? "Be a lady!" - they said, "Behave like a man!" And with each phrase our nature hides deeper and deeper. The desire to meet the expectations of those around us has been inherent in us since childhood. What work can we do to return attention to our true nature?
While working on this project I studied the character of my inner "boy". How does he behave? What kind of music does he like? How does he feel about my "girl"? It was interesting for me to observe the feelings that are born at the thought of my second part. Thanks to this project I was able to regain this internal orgasm from the fact that they dance together in me.

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