Julia Sharkina
This video performance was created on of the Vyoksa river bank during the Ahola festival on June 2021's Midsummer night.

The essence of summer is a ripe life. The solstice is its peak.

We are barefoot and naked, as the grass gently holds our footprints and our bodies hold the memories of every clump and leaf. As we move forward, step by step we create new paths. One by one. New.

We came here to find each other. Our bodies speak without words, they are singing a summer hymn. Our movements merge together to form an united and complex spirit.

We stand in a circle, spin faster and faster, and dance wilder and wilder, until the world becomes a pure, seething substance.

We are witches and yet we are graces. This is our ancient magic of creating memories, turning the present into the past, making it a part of eternity, just like a camera shot. The river, the field, the dance, the sunlight, and the summer itself will never end here.

Julia Sharkina,
Anastasiya Melnikova,
Darya Nogovitsina

Video & photo production:
Julia Sharkina,
Anna Prokhorova
Nikita Bezrukov
Music by Isabel s0.any
(live from ahola)
Location Ahola.land festival

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