ICE DREAMS Видео скрининг by Vika Ilyushkina
19 of JAN at Julia Sharkina Space at 7 PM

Come join us at Julia Sharkina space for the video screening of our friend and colleague Vika Ilyushkina's work.
*by invitation olnly

The following works will be screened:
CAT DREAMS; Third level; Time Points and the Seventh Hour (to poems by A. Vvedensky); projects created in tandem with choreographer Maya Popova and others.
Time Points and the Seventh Hour 2020
In this work, space is curved, isolating the artist from the world, leaving him alone with the poetic text by Alexander Vvedensky( Gray Notebook (1932-1933))
.Light Experiments 2007
11 minDance : Artem Ignatiev.
Horror stories in the soul, camp 2018
Destroyed children's pioneer camp and children's horror stories are read by Dmitry Kurakin_

The garden is filled with amazing colors and sounds at different times of the day. Animals can sense the atmosphere and secret signs of nature more vividly. Their hearing is more sensitive to the extraterrestrial and otherworldly Day dream, Night dream, Red slow
TRIO / New Paradizo (2020)
Vika Ilyushkina, video
Choreography by Maya Popova
Man and his reflection in the media mirror of the disappearing realities of artificial network heaven or hell..
Dance by Artem Ignatiev.
Music by Moontrip "New Composers". Acrobatic sketch, 2012. 7 min. 29s
Choreography and the leading role by Maya Popova.

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