Three videos will be held as part of the festival of contemporary art “There – I don’t know where”display. The geography of participants is wide from Yekaterinburg to Arkhangelsk and even a little further. Each of the participants has their own unique path in life and work. INwithin the framework of three video shows, we will try to introduce our viewers to each of them, and each participant will talk about their creativity (online or offline). All jobs are different and in presentation and content, which we really liked and we hope you will like it too to the viewer!

We invite you on a fabulous journey through dreams, islands, memories, melodies,
rituals We will dance, shamanize, get scared, be inspired and dream.
Everyone Bon Voyage!

Video screenings will take place:

December 28 at 19.00

January 4 at 19.30

January 11 at 21.00
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